How It Works

What you get in your ChefD Recipe Kit?

"ChefD is not the ‘readymade’ food that we see in the market. ChefD leads to healthy & fresh eating, makes the cooking process easier & enjoyable. Our clients become the best culinary artisans" – Uday Rathod, Co-Founder, ChefD
"Healthy eating is a way of life. ChefD stresses the significance of using ingredients appropriately without wasting the resources, establish right way of cooking, utilise minimalistic time and effort, significantly enjoy the fresh food cooked cleanly at home" - Chaitali Chauhan, Co-Founder, ChefD

Why ChefD


"To keep the body in good health is our duty. A healthy body leads to having stronger mind and clearer thoughts" – Buddha

Eating fresh, healthy home-made food has become a challenging task nowadays.

Challenge I: NO TIME. Cooking variety of food, learning different cuisines in the limited time available

Challenge II: TOTAL WASTAGE OF MONEY. Buying the right ingredients to cook what they want to eat. Many times, unused after one time, goes to the dust bin

ChefD is the SOLUTION Here


The traditional Indian Cuisine is considered as ‘Exotic Cuisine’ crediting to the richness, nutritional values and history it has as the hidden treasure. K.T.Acharya, the renowned oil chemist, food scientist and a nutritionist authenticates how the Indian food preserves its medicinal values without compromising on the taste.

Moreover, the traditional Indian food can work wonders in the overall maintenance of the health. But, this can be made possible only when people cook food at home and consume it afresh.

ChefD aims at getting back to the roots and develop a healthy community


The traditional and ancient Indians always balanced the nutrients in each food they prepared. The wholesome meal consumed in India, be it Idli + Saambaar + Chutney or Roti + Dhal + Subji has the perfect blend of carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients in a single plate.
Likewise, the rich traditions in diversified cuisines have hidden treasures of local flavours.

ChefD will bring out all these hidden treasures – local flavours into Limelight


India is renowned for the beautiful amalgamation of culture from other cuisines. The current version of food we consume as ‘Indian Cuisine’ moderately influenced from Mughals, Turkish, Persian and many others cuisines. Not only the influences from ancient time, the Indian Cuisine is becoming contemporary due to the influence from the Chinese, Mexican, Italian, French and other global cuisines.Isn’t time to embrace the integration wholesomely?

"ChefD brings in a solution where people can cook their own food, their favourite Indian Cuisines blending with modernization"